The Drawbacks Of A/B Ad Split Testing-Part 2

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PPC campaign management is an essential part of search engine marketing and if not done carefully, it can affect the overall performance of the pay per click advertisements. In the second round of A/B split testing , the qualified PPC advertisements is tested against the new challenger ad and finally looking at the CTR and CVR performance of the both, a winner pay per click advertisement emerges. This process is repeated till the time a best pay per click advertisement comes in the picture. Usually, PPC marketers do not even wait to know the result of A/B spilt testing and declare the champion ad as the default PPC advertisements which run in the cyber space. This way, other parts of pay per click advertising campaign suffers a lot. If the companies are not aware of the drawbacks of the A/B split testing of pay per click ads done under PPC campaign management, then it will be really tough to get maximum profits from search engine marketing efforts. The success of pay per click advertising campaign depends largely on the A/B testing, though many professionals are of the opinion that this testing of pay per click advertisements declines the performance of PPC campaigns and search engine marketing efforts.

A/B testing is one of the most rational and scientific ways of analyzing the performance of pay per click advertising campaign and this also leads to the better optimization of the PPC campaigns. This testing can bring in a lot of improvement is the PPC campaign, however there are certain drawbacks attached to this method. The initial phase of this testing cycle can improve the performance of pay per click advertising campaign. Some of the marketers feel that at times, A/B split testing can be misapplied and that’s the reason why there are certain apprehensions related to this form of testing. It has been observed that A/B split testing can actually degrade the performance of pay per click advertising campaign along with search engine marketing efforts over a period of time.

Over optimization of the PPC advertisements can prove fatal for the company’s search engine marketing and PPC campaign management. It is very important to focus on unique selling features of the company’s product or service in order to launch a successful pay per click advertising campaign. Marketers should focus on the main selling points in order to grab the attention of the users and this should be the top most concern in the minds of the marketers while conducting A/B testing on pay per click advertisements.

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