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Are you starting with your first PPC project? Or you are beginning with a new account on board; all you need to do first is develop a strategic PPC plan. When you have a plan in your mind, you can always launch an effective pay per click campaign. So, before beginning with the keyword research or writing ads, you have to take a step backwards and first develop a plan so that everything falls in place. While developing a PPC plan, ask yourself various questions so that you know that you are on the right track from the very beginning. Once you have got on to the right track, you can be sure of pay per click success which will surely benefit your client. You have to follow proper procedure before starting your PPC campaign because only then you can achieve higher success. Even if you are working on an already existing account, you can always follow certain steps to add new perspective to the campaign. Refresh all your previous documents depending on your new competitors in the business.

• The first and the foremost step is to understand the company, product or a brand for which you are developing a PPC strategy. Suppose you are designing a pay per click campaign for any beverage, then you also have to understand various other flavors of that beverage as part of larger perspective. Without understanding the company and its offerings, you cannot reach out to a successful campaign. Apart from this you also have to understand their marketing strategy.

• Know your competitors and also how your product is different from others. Look out for various other PPC ads of the same genre products and try and understand their branding strategy. If you are finding it tough to analyze your competition, then you can always refer to research sites for it.

• Know about your target audience. You must know whom are you targeting through your pay per click advertisements and once you know that, there is every possibility of launching relevant and useful ads.

• How can you forget about the PPC objective? Do not overlook this most important aspect while designing the pay per click advertisement. If your goal is to get certain number of conversions, then set your budget accordingly.

• After getting information on all the above mentioned areas, you should jot down the information at one place and then chalk out your PPC plan. You also need to form a certain approach towards your pay per click advertisement.

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