Using All Three Google Keyword Match Types for Effective PPC Campaign Management – Pt 1

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If you want to increase the visibility and traffic to your website, then you must choose search engine marketing which is considered as an effective tool of marketing. As a smart advertiser, you must launch pay per click campaign so that you can drive your website to a success and you can achieve this through well planned PPC campaign management. Your success depends largely on the form of advertising you choose and in this case pay per click is second to none as a tool of internet marketing. If you want to enhance your internet visibility through search engine marketing, then it is important for you to make use of all the possible keywords.

You must aim for a well planned PPC campaign management so that you can drive more traffic to your website which will further lead to better conversions. You should be well comprehended with the importance of using all keyword match types offered by Google so that you can streamline your search engine marketing. If you are about to launch a well planned pay per click campaign, then you must know that each keyword type has its own importance. As an advertiser, you have to shoulder the responsibility of the success of your search engine marketing and for that you must select appropriate match types.

As you are aware of this fact that pay per click campaign is a risky affair if it is not combined with effective keywords, so you have to understand the significance of all the keyword types so as to leverage your PPC campaign management. While auditing your website, Google AdWords generally observes that you, as an advertiser make most use of broad match keywords which does not lead to effective search engine marketing. If you are actually looking for effective pay per click, then you should know, without any doubt, the advantages of each of the following keyword types including broad match keywords, phrase match keyword and exact match keywords;

  • If you use broad match keywords then visitors to your website can find the search results related to similar phrases and relevant variations. If you are adding the phrase “buy flowers” as part of your search engine marketing, then results will show phrases like flowers, buy daisy flowers and many such similar searches.
  • If you use phrase match keyword, then the area of search gets narrower and you will get search results that match the exact phrase and this will help you in strengthening you pay per click campaign with higher results.
  • If you make use of exact match, then your search will show exact keyword only which may not be beneficial for your search engine marketing.

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