When PPC works and SEO doesn’t?

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We’ve all heard that ranking in the natural results of search engines is much better than using their paid search marketing programs. It is definitely cheaper in the long run (if the organic search engine optimization is done correctly, that is) but there are occasions when a well executed PPC campaign can offer more value than organic SEO (search engine optimization).

Some instances that I can think of are -

1 – Lead generation for an upcoming event -
Organic SEO takes time to show results. You’re never going to get too much traffic if the event is in the very near future.

2 – When targeting specific niche fields -
Going in for a PPC campaign can offer you better value for money if you’re in a niche field and there is not too much competition. Off course, this will be subject to bid inflation as more n more players jump on to the bandwagon.

3 – Testing different site layouts/ product categories -
If you’re not sure if your site layout is conversion friendly or you have a new product category that you’re not sure of? Run a PPC campaign and check for conversions before investing in a full fledged SEO campaign.

These are a few situations where I would recommend a PPC campaign over an SEO campaign. Feel free to add to these situations or share your views.


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