Your Real PPC Success Exists Outside A Vacuum Pt1

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If you think that your PPC campaign interface is an ideal way to determine the success of your PPC campaign management, then you need to update your thoughts because you cannot view the value of your pay per click campaign in vacuum. Ideally, you should judge the value of your conversions along with your analytics for understanding the exact results of your search engine marketing. As various other marketers, you must know the effectiveness of pay per click campaign in your search engine marketing plan. Your PPC campaign management has to be done with great care because the results of your search engine marketing depend largely on your PPC advertisements. But if you focus only on your click through rates of PPC advertisements, then you might not get accurate results because you cannot figure out the success of your PPC campaign only with your pay per click figures.

Once your users click on your pay per click advertisements, you must be thinking that your PPC efforts are paid off but your approach here is wrong because if you want to derive effective results from your search engine marketing, then you cannot ignore the conversion factor. Your PPC campaign management cannot be considered as success unless you ensure a great landing page experience to all your users who click on your pay per click advertising. You have to understand the mindset of your users because if they click on your ad, then reason can be the attractiveness of your PPC advertisements but your business continues till the time you don’t find the reason for receiving only clicks and not conversion. If you ignore this factor, then you might be playing with your PPC campaign management because all your efforts for your PPC account will go waste unless you get desired results from your search engine marketing.

Here, you need to bring your web analytics into force because you might be receiving good click through rate but if you deeply analyze this, then you might find out that out of so many clicks you received on your PPC advertisements, only two conversions were reported. In this case, you have to analyze the post click effect of your keywords because these keywords are responsible for the success of your search engine marketing and PPC campaign management. Your understanding of the website analytics will also come handy during such phase of PPC campaign management. If you optimize your landing page, then it will help you in realizing the best from your search engine marketing. If your keywords are targeting both business landing page and everyday landing page, then you will experience different PPC results in both the cases. You might come across the fact that you have received conversions from your business landing page and not from everyday landing page, then you have to think of other pay per click strategies in order to strengthen your weak areas under your PPC campaign management

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