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Referral traffic is a great avenue to bring relevant traffic to a website if it’s done right. Now the reason I stress on done right is because relevancy is the key here. Getting users from websites that almost talk the same language as your website does, ensures that the users you get will find favourable content on your platform and might convert into leads. Below are certain steps that I vouch for with respect to building great referral traffic

Understanding Which Content Works

To start off, the very first thing that needs to be done is, understand what kind of content will bring you the right kind of referral. We as digital marketers have a lot of content types to play with, be it articles, blogs, presentations, infographics, etc. Therefore, it becomes difficult to pick one type which will provide the best ROI.

Articles and blogs comparatively bring a significant amount of relevant referral traffic. Therefore, they are a good place to start off ones off page content syndication plan.

Finding Good Content Platforms

Now the questions becomes of hunting down appropriate article and blog syndicating platforms that fall in the client’s domain. This activity is very extensive and on-going. For example, let’s consider a client who deals in cloud computing services; it becomes a no brainer to continuously scout for platforms that talk about cloud computing and frequently syndicate relevant content on them. To smoothen out this process, below are certain steps:

  • Primary keyword themes of a project should be picked up and platforms that come up in SERPs for these themes should be contacted
  • The list of relevant content syndicating platforms can be expanded with the use of search operators like “related:”. This operator can be used to find similar platforms to the ones found in the first step

    • Other steps that can be taken to find relevant platforms are as follows:

      • Create Google Alerts for major keyword themes; this will provide platforms that majorly talk about the keyword theme in question and will also give you trending content ideas
      • Follow personalities that our popular in website’s domain on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. For example, if a website provides SEO services then following Rand Fishkin on Twitter (@randfish) would be helpful in staying up to date with the latest happenings in the industry and also find relevant platforms to syndicate content on
  • The email sent across to the webmasters should be crisp and to-the-point. It can boast about the client’s website and how syndicating our content will be helpful to webmaster’s website users

Syndicating Quality Content

Post building partnerships with pertinent platforms it is an unwritten rule to send across quality content at regular intervals. Now the biggest question for a digital account manager becomes “What is considered as Quality Content?” Now I believe, quality content is that content which constantly brings referral traffic to the website. This means we will have to generate evergreen content. Having said that, it is quite tough to create evergreen content.

In my 2 and half years’ work experience with the B2B community, I have found that question based content types do really well in bringing relevant traffic. The reason behind this is, over time new observations and finds can be unearthed for a topic however, the overall outlook of the topic doesn’t drastically change over time. Therefore these content pieces will be relevant over time and as a result they will consistently bring referral traffic to the website.

The Outcome

Below is a snapshot of a Google Analytics view of an account. This account is one of India’s biggest IT services conglomerate. It is clearly visible from the graph that constant appreciating referral traffic has been brought to the website via consistent syndication of question based content on a single relevant article platform.

This shows that syndicating question based content pieces on multiple article/blog platforms (that are relevant to the objective) will bring significant amount of referral traffic.

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