Bing v/s Google – The Big Fight!

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Microsoft recently launched a new search engine by the name “BING”. It is said to be an up gradation of the live search which Microsoft had earlier. It has gained a lot of popularity since its launch and has been compared to “Google”. But there are a few things that I experienced while using both the search engines and would like to share them with you’ll:

Starting with Bing, must say that it is better than Live search. It has a great user environment as compared to Google. It has a simple white background, which makes it more appealing. As far as search goes, Bing categorizes search results as Videos, News etc. and displays these options as a part of the left navigation, which helps users to directly jump on the desired category result for which search query was made. It tries to include almost all features that Google has, like image search and videos etc. the video search is more fun as the video actually starts playing when you hover your mouse over it. Technically speaking, it has a very good design and a great combination of plug-ins and modules put together – All in all a great user experience.

But I still feel that Google is much better than Bing. The reason being, Google provides more search results as compared to Bing, in fact more than double. Bing includes spell check, where it rectifies the spelling mistakes without user confirmation, where as Google asks the user for confirmation. Speaking from a brand perspective, Google is a much trusted brand than any other search engine. Only a Google logo or a “result provided by Google” tag makes it more trusted by the user. Google has been in this industry for a long time and people trust Google for everything, as said by some – “if you have any doubt, ask Google”.

Bing is a good search engine with lots of potential which would probably grow with time, and could be said, a very good step forward by Microsoft in the search market.

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  1. Yes. Now Microsoft had placed Bing search on all their website and making a good marketing campaign. Bing will be a challenge for google soon as it got some interesting new features.

  2. It’s a shame we don’t have all thos fancy options in the european version of the bing search engine .

    All we got is a basic search engine with an ugly background …

    it’s still no today that google will loose it’s 90% of marketshare …

    anyway thanks for the post , very interessant

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