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The Google Doodle has gained such popularity that it has become the sounding bugle of any major event, at present. This morning, Google lined up with the world in commemorating the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. The doodle depicts five athletes from the disciplines of football, swimming, running/jumping, javelin throw, fencing, and basketball, carrying the five letters (G, O, O, G, and E) of Google corresponding with the five rings of the Olympics.


Google Doodle has been successful in evoking the curiosity and excitement among scores of people who dote on to the Google homepage, the first thing in the morning during such special days. Few days back, Google doodled Amelia Earhart on her 115th birthday. Amelia Earhart is the first woman ever to fly an aircraft solo across the Pacific. A few interactive doodles including the Earth Day doodle which could be clicked to have a glimpse of varied animals with the backdrop of a scenic jungle; the Gideon Sundback Google Doodle that had a zipper opening to mark the birthday of its inventor; the Valentine’s Day animated video, the particles doodle, etc. will always be remembered. Dennis Hwang, the brain behind these doodles in an interview explained how challenging it is for him to come with something innovative, informative and engaging at all times within a couple of hours before the enthusiasm dies out. He says that enormous brainstorming fuels the success of these doodles. When asked to reveal his personal favorite, he mentioned it to be artist’s birthdays. The creativity that the Google team exhibits is a testament to the core attributes of the largest search engine, Google. While Google Doodle stirs up a conversation, many may be unaware of the fact that Firefox too had an image to commemorate the event. Though we admit, it came nowhere near the Google one.

London will mark the beginning of the Opening Ceremony titled 2012 Olympics ‘Isles of Wonder’ by ringing the tuned bell produced by Whitechapel Foundry. More than 10,500 athletes belonging to 204 countries will participate in this 30th modern Olympics in 26 different sports with India being one of them. Along with these aspirant athletes who shoulder the responsibility of making their countries proud, this edition of the Olympics will test London’s own competency in organizing and managing an event of this scale.

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  1. it was a great idea to have game related doodles. It got better as the games went on. I liked the interactive doodles such as basketball where you can shoot hoops, soccer, where you can score penalty kicks and the one where you can guide your canoe

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