Google Rolls Out Panda Update 21

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If you noticed a slight fluctuation in your website’s ranking, here is some news for you. Yes – it was the 21st iteration of Google Panda update. Google officially confirmed it & claimed that it will affect about 0.4% searches for a regular user. It also ensured that you might witness a higher fluctuation if you reside in the USA for English queries.

The First Google Panda update rolled out in February 24,2011 affecting 11.8 % of the queries affecting people searching in the US in English only. The second update was announced on April 11, 2011, having an impact on 2% of the queries in English, globally. The third update was not formally announced but was confirmed on May 10, 2011, with no impact felt. The fourth update was again not announced, later confirmed on July 16, 2011, did not create any impact. Consequently, other updates were made on July23,2011; August 12,2011; September 28,2011; October 19,2011; November 18,2011; January 18,2012;February 27, 2012; March 23,2012; April 19, 2012; April27, 2012; June 9,2012; June25,2012; July 24,2012; August 20,2012; September 18,2012; September 18,2012; September 27,2012 and the last one on November 5,2012. One that had the largest impact was in February, when it had an effect on 11. 8% of the queries. The last , 20th update that Google announced on September 27th, endeavored to eliminate low quality exact matches that are ranking high on the search engine.

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