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We have many movie buffs amongst our digital marketing industry that must have surely seen Happy Feet (2006) and Kung-Fu Panda (2008). Both have Academy Award nominations and critically acclaimed for outstanding animation. Both feature films were also made to highlight a very necessary aspect of animal conservation to society. Way back then, there was no concept of Google’s Panda and Penguin; today it’s a whole different ballgame. I must say, Google has surely done a wonderful job of scaring many SEOs with the slightest mention of these two beautiful, playful and peaceful species. The Pandas Kung-Fu just keeps getting better with each update and the Penguins Happy Feet are making more and more webmasters sad.

So the first question is “Where is PETA when you need it?” – Google is happily associating web spam, duplicate content, grey-hat link building practices with these animals; completely tarnishing the reputation of Panda Bears and Emperor Penguins in the online world. “Wake up PETA, do something!”

So, is there a way where we can relate these two films with the on-going SEO slaughter that Google is up-to now a days?

The first thing to take note is that the Penguin and Panda updates are not going to stop. What will Matt Cutts tweet about then?

The only thing that can be done here is to adapt; adapt in such ways that it becomes absolutely irrelevant if we were to see Panda 5 or Penguin 3.4 when they release.

Provided below are some ways we can get inspired from Kung-Fu Panda and Happy Feet, to successfully create great SEO campaigns much to Google’s dismay.

    1. Be Natural:We have seen off the shelf products that are now looking at natural ingredients to build longer lasting and superior quality products. In the same way one of the crucial ingredients in SEO i.e. Links need to be natural or at least look natural. This is definitely not an impossible task. There are many websites out there that will share a link with you, if you are willing to take that extra effort. Although the process is tedious and sleep-threatening, it will stay eternal for your website. Po in Kung-Fu Panda also uses his natural abilities to defeat the evil Snow Leopard(In our case, Google’s various updates)
      • You need to intelligently identify and search for domains that will benefit you with a link, while at the same time benefit it with something more useful – Great Content
      • Domain relevance as opposed to Domain authority is what I believe will play an important role in today’s changing landscape
      • Many SEO companies initiate link building activities using articles, which well; are not that up to standards. Though it might give you link value for some time, what if Google catches this somewhere down in time. You should use articles, but which help your potential customer rather than only add 0.5 % in SEO value and ensure to publish it on domains that people often go to for advice and information. (Yahoo! Answers is a good place to start.)


  1. Role of Happiness in SEO: Marketers try to create an emotional connect with its audience by making their client’s indulge in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, PR engagement etc. There are ample case studies to show that this works most of the times (A very good example of this is Coca-Cola’s efforts in bringing about change for better and P & G’s recent “Proud sponsor of Moms” campaign). Mumble the talented emperor penguin in Happy Feet also uses this very powerful USP to attract the world’s attention to stop over-fishing and help in marine life conservation.
    So how do we do this with a website to make Google’s spiders and website visitors happy?
  • Fill Title’s, METAs, Website content to give it a touch of Happiness along with smartly filling it with Keywords
    For Ex. On a product page of Nike Shoes – instead of using the title “Nike Shoes, Buy Nike Shoes at Shoes.com”, use “Nike Shoes for Healthy Living – Buy from Shoes.com”
  • Keep Internal Navigation themed and also smartly linked, so a visitor need not think of “How to get there?” but think of “What else to buy from here?”
  • Content – The core material that is present on a particular page is also of great importance, it basically acts as the soul and driving factor for all the optimization done. Add a pinch of Happiness to your content and you have yourself a customer centric website. – Remember : CONTENT is King, and a HAPPY King means a prosperous Kingdom


Google Penguin

Source: http://www.happyfeet.cc/images/home2.jpg

We stay in a continuously evolving internet ecosystem where changes are imminent, Microsoft’s Bing understands this at a very fundamental level, so hypothetically presuming that we see Bing and Baidu for instance overtaking Google in the near future, you build Natural links and create “Happy” optimized websites, you remain protected in the long term and can focus on what you should focus on “Building a great business!!”.

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