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Research has shown that 80% customers abandon a mobile website if they have an unsatisfactory experience. In the current smartphone era, mobile websites are extremely important for any brand. If you have tracked mobile website analytics you would realize that there is a much higher bounce rate from mobile users as compared to others. Google, a company renowned for staying one step ahead of user demands, has launched GoMo which provides users an easy way to go mobile.

GoMo is a Google initiative which enables small businesses to get their hands on simple tools that will make their website mobile friendly. This do-it-yourself platform allows users to convert their normal website to a mobile friendly site in 5 simple steps. It allows you to add important features like click-to-call button, mobile maps and Google AdSense among others. The icing on the cake is that sites created with this tool will be hosted free for a year.

Website owners can continue to analyze their website using Google Analytics for mobile platforms by signing up for the DudaMobile service. The GA code can be added using the site settings options.

The importance of Mobile computing definitely cannot be discounted in modern times. Users are looking for the ability to access information from just about any location and your site should be able to provide that.

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