Cookie Law Comes into Force on 26th May in UK – Whitepaper on How To Work Around It!

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Webmasters in the UK, are all set, to have a hard time, tracking consumer data through web analytics due to a new Cookie Law, coming into force on the 26th of May.Our SEO professionals, here at Convonix, have created a detailed whitepaper, and have brought clarity on every minute aspect of the Cookie Law.

Please click on the following link to download the Whitepaper:-
Cookie Crumbs – What You Need To Know about ICO_s _Cookie_ Law

ICO, which has formulated, & defined the scope of this law, has made available, details on every aspect & stake holder, this law will cover. This whitepaper covers every point made in the law. To top it up, there are detailed pointers on the challenges faced by webmasters in the UK & how to find solutions to this conundrum.

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