3 Points You Need To Add To Your SEO Checklist After Penguin!

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All those who anticipated SEO after Penguin Update to be a lot more demanding than before have nailed the prognosis to the letter! And it seems the best way to survive the onslaught of Penguin is by getting the SEO basics dead-on!

This is no path-defining recommendation, but most certainly the one to place your bets on; for now; it’s no more just about what you are doing right or wrong, but about how relevantly are you doing it. So, for SEO after Penguin Update, it is imperative to revisit three SEO basics (if not more), only this time, with a microscopic eye and an appreciation for detail.

  1. Spruce up your link profile: Treat your link profile as an intellectual property that is perhaps your biggest asset, post the Penguin update. When Google looks at your link profile, it discerns the type of websites that link to you, how these links have been acquired and the anchor text being used in those links. The red flag goes up when it smells foul play in any of these, and so it is best to rid one of the unrelated and irrelevant links there may be. After all, what ultimately drives domain’s link authority is a selection of relevant high value links.
  2. Do not change URLs: Whether it is because of new software, or new design, changing URL often, does more bad than good. No matter how well you treat it there is every chance that a 301 redirect will slice away a small portion of the value of every single link to the concerned page.
  3. Invest into knowing every page: Be certain of your website’s structure to better assess what may or may not work in its favour. Break apart the many sections of your site and analyse them to filter out areas for further examination, & build more specific keyword & content themes.

SEO after the Penguin Update is all about how well you bring relevance to visitors to your website, be it through links, the structure or even just its content. The pay-off is good if you invest now in getting to know your domain and its various components better.

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