5 Essentials for Your Website's Optimization Part 1

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When you plan to launch your website, you have to be very careful with your search engine marketing plan. If you are coming up with a new website, then you have to consider it as a serious business because if something is missed out, then your SEO results will also suffer. You have to be mentally alert about the things which have to be included in your website because these things will decide the success or failure of your website. Ideally, your search engine optimization plan should be ready in advance with inclusion of all the relevant things which should be there in your new website. As an SEO expert, you need to have a checklist so that you do not miss out on most important things for your new website. Ideally, you should list out all the things as part of your search engine optimization plan and then include those things in your website. If you forget to include these things in your website, then you will not be able to generate the desired results from your SEO efforts.

Your search engine marketing campaign involves huge amount of money and if you do not get back your money in the form of great SEO results, then all your efforts go waste. In case you have a tendency to forget some of the important things for your website, then you can always go through web design checklist which will help you strengthen your search engine optimization plan. So now, next time whenever you plan to launch a new website, take care of the following important things.

  • Robots.txt file – Your main aim of launching a website is to get noticed on search engines. Your enhanced visibility will help you get higher results from your search engine marketing campaign. If you include robots.txt file in your website, then your website will get indexed automatically. You might feel like excluding some items from your robot.txt file and in such cases you can customize your robots.txt files with the help of different tools. If you want to the desired SEO results, then you must place robot.txt file in your top level web directory and not in sub directory.
  • XML Sitemap – If you want your search engine optimzation campaign to be successful for your new website, then you also need to include XML sitemap which makes sure that search engines know which page of your site, you want to be indexed. When search engines know your preference, then only those pages will be indexed which will help you boost your search engine optimization results.

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