5 Essentials for Your Website's Optimization Part 2

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As an SEO marketer, your main aim is to make your website succesful in the internet space and for that you have to take care of few important things which are imperative for your new website. If you want your search engine marketing campaign to be successful, then you must include some important elements which can actually enhance the visibility of your website in the search engine results. Apart from robots.txt file and XML sitemap, you have to take care of various other elements which can actually take your website to a different level altogether where you will experience higher search engine optimization results. If you include the following factors in your SEO plan, then your new website will actually bring in great results for your company:

  • Custom 404 page – If you want your users to stay on your website for a long time, then you have to find something relevant for them. If your website page shows an error called custom 404-page not found, then your users might switch to some other website and this will affect your search engine marketing results. In this case, you can use a smart SEO strategy and offer them a custom error page which can lead them to some other parts of your website which can benefit them and keep them on your website. If you have your own WordPress blog, then you can create you custom 404 page by editing your 404.php page template. After this WorPress will automatically use that page in case the page not found error appears on your website. You have to include all these important points in your search engine marketing plan in order to ensure your website’s success. If you own a non-wordPress site which uses Cpanel, then you can log into Cpanel and edit the error page you want to. After this you can insert your HTML code in that page and click on save button.
  • Favicon – You have to try out different things with your new website and favicon is one of them. Your search engine marketing strategy has to be just perfect so that your new website does not become unsuccessful in the online space. Favicon is a small icon which appears when you bookmark any website. All you need to do is to take any square image and run it through a favicon generator.
  • Analytics Code – Your search engine marketing plan has to be just perfect if you want to enhance your new website’s visibility in the internet space. You should not forget to include analytics code in your website.

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