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A brief description of what I’ve come to learn as one of the most important building blocks of the Search Engine Optimization process for a website, the Keyword Analysis. This is an insight into how go about selecting the best keywords for your website. To optimize a keyword for a web-page of a website, it is very important to analyze that keyword to understand one, the importance of the keyword based on the search volumes and the competitiveness, two, whether it is of absolute relevance to the theme and content of the website and three the search patterns to check for the latest trends.

1. Google Keywords Tool

The first is made very simple by the brilliant Google Keyword Tool. It gives exhaustive data about the keyword with accurate values like local search volumes, based on the Geographic location, the Global search volumes, and the trends in searches for that word. It also generates similar results if you want it to give you an idea of relevant keywords to the ones you’ve entered.

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keywords Tool

2. Google Trends

Another tool giving you the change in the trends of searches made with respect to that keyword, that is, the change in traffic over time with respect to the specific keyword, is the Google Trends Labs. It gives you an approximate change in search patterns, that is the change in demand for a specific keyword and at the same time, you can compare the search trends of up to five keywords. It helps you device a strategy to help target some important keywords and ramp up the SEO elements for that keyword based on increasing or decreasing demand.

Google Trends

Google Trends

3. Emerging Trends

It is very important to keep updating yourself on the emerging trends keeping in mind the theme and product/service/information provided by your website. The most common lookouts could be the social media, news and blogs. The keywords relevant to your website and manner in which they are used need to be kept in mind because even though these keywords may not have the best search volumes, the content might keep multiplying over time because of the popularity.

Facebook Lexicon

Facebook Lexicon

The Facebook Lexicon Tool shows a correlation between raining and windy with respect to time throwing light on the latest trends.

4. Google Analytics

Search patterns can be drilled into with the help of Website Analytics tools like for example, Google Analytics. It helps in giving you an idea as to which keywords are important, the ones driving traffic to your website. Hence you can concentrate on these keywords and optimize your pages further for these keywords. Data like browse rate, time spent on the website, conversions and bounce rate should also play a key role in your follow up action. For example, keyword A has tremendous traffic and is generating a lot of interest causing traffic to land on your website, but if the bounce rate is too high, it is then easy to understand that there is something wrong with the webpage and changes need to be made after finding the apparent reason for the high bounce rate.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

5. PPC Advertising Data

PPC data can be very helpful in a getting an entry into the mind of the traffic. After a website optimization is performed on a website from the seo perspective, it takes time for results to show on search engines. The PPC data can give you a fair idea as to what keywords interest a potential customer that would convince him on clicking on an advertisement. This keyword data if strong enough (clicks, conversion) can be incorporated into your keywords list and you could optimize your pages for them.

Google’s Traffic Estimator Tool

Google’s Traffic Estimator Tool

6. Top Ranking Domains

It is very important to know which competitors are ranking for the keywords that are part of your keyword basket. These search engine rankings give a fair idea of the competition for the keywords you are targeting. You could try and understand why your competitor is ranking. For example: On page optimization of the competitor website.

Competitor Website - On page Optimization

Competitor Website - On page Optimization

7. Search Relevance

It is very important to understand what the user is searching for the keywords targeted by you. Sometimes, generic keywords might give excellent search volumes but might not bring the best traffic to your website. From an ROI point of view (which at the end of the day, is the ultimate goal for any website placing its website in the hands of an SEO firm), it is the most important aspect.

MSN Ad Center

MSN Ad Center

The Msn adCenter labs tool detects whether a keyword entered has commercial or information related intent.

8. Legal Issues

It’s very important to do some research in the legalities of a keyword that you are targeting. Legal issues can crop up if the keyword is a trademark of another company.

SEO is my Religion, Google is my God.


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