Basics of Universal Search – Part 1

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Search engine marketing is the order of the day and most of the businesses are using it to achieve higher profits. For all the marketers, it is important to understand the nuances of search as this will help the businesses plan effective SEO strategies to attract more traffic and earn more profit. The most common term that is heard everywhere in the field of search engine optimization is Universal Search. Unfortunately many companies are not aware of the exact meaning of this term which can lead the search engine marketing process in wrong direction. It is essential to get detailed knowledge about universal or blended search so as to hold the audience to the website for a longer duration. If the concept of universal search is not clear, then companies might suffer in terms of higher SEO results. Search engine optimization is driven by many factors but most important of them is to properly understand the basics of search to get on to the right approach. Companies should realize the significance of universal search in tapping the full potential of search engine marketing efforts.

Google search engine keeps on experimenting by incorporating significant changes in the search arena and one such innovation of universal search was introduced in 2007. Since its inception, this has led to enhanced search engine marketing and has been appreciated by many SEO marketers. After this innovation from Google, many others joined the race including Ask, Microsoft and Yahoo. In today’s time, all the major search engines offer new forms of search results which are useful for the search engine optimization process of many established companies. The marketers are responsible for ensuring better user experience through new and advanced search engine marketing strategies and universal search is one such way. If the marketers comprehend the usability and relevance of universal or blended search, then the success of search engine optimization process is guaranteed.

Universal Search

The initial search engines focused on traditional text results and companies followed this as SEO approach for a long time. With the advancement in the search engines, the updated search engines led to enhanced search results including images, news, local listings, shopping, video, blog posts and many such interesting search forms. Any kind of search engine marketing demands something new every time so as to deliver the desired results to the company by attracting more traffic. On typing any keyword on Google search, the users will come across various forms of results in the SERP. When news, real time posts, images and text results are blended together, it gives rise to universal search which is necessary to define the success of search engine optimization practices. This will help the companies offer richer experience to the audience rather than a mere site visit.

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