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There was a time when Google search results consisted of 10 search results. In the year 2007, the search engine giant took a monumental step by introducing Universal Search which transformed the way we saw search results. With this development we saw more results from varied platforms such as videos, maps, images, shopping portals etc. Over time we also saw the importance that local listings received equal importance in the results and the SERP’s were further enhanced to suit all user demands. Most sites still miss out on certain necessary measures that will help them get an edge in the SERP’s.

Making it to the first page of the listings is certainly not as tough as maintaining that position and ensuring you get clicks out of it. The title and description of your listing makes the first impression not just on the search engine but also on the user. Make sure your site has a keyword-rich breadcrumb or sectional navigation in order to broaden your sitelinks in your SERP listings. Let’s also look at certain add-ons which will help boost rankings.

Images and Videos have gained greater importance after the introduction of universal search. In order to utilize this opportunity it is crucial to start off by creating a keyword rich file name and alternative text. This will ensure that the content gets better visibility. For both videos and images you need to create an XML sitemap. Use sites in order to share your content and grab more eyeballs and increase chances of getting a higher rating.

The shopping portal of your site is yet another aspect that brings great value to your rankings and overall website value. Ensure that the shopping feed is clean and free from any clutter. The Product needs to have a keyword rich title as well as description in order to entice users to click on it.

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