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Do you have your own website? Do you think SEO is challenging than what it is said to be? You must be facing various questions like this and one of the biggest SEO challenges which you might face will be regarding the link building strategy. Most of the people feel that getting links is an easy task and the SEO firm will just go and get the links. However the picture is not so rosy because with link building, you have to be extra careful and it does not come easy. As a website publisher, you must contribute in the link building process, otherwise your search engine optimization campaign will bomb due bad link building campaign. Following are the areas which could help you acquire good quality independent links and the flaws are also discussed in these points.

  • You can think about buying links which is the simplest and the easiest ways to get the high quality links to your website. However the biggest hindrance in this is that buying links is against the Google’s webmaster guidelines and this can land your website in big trouble.
  • If you are looking at getting good quality links for your website, then you have to modify your website a bit and create a web directory on your website. With this, you can build links without anyone’s help. You can also indulge in link swapping which means trading the links with your partners or highly credible websites. If you swap your links with unrelated sites, then Google won’t allow this.
  • You can also get a link through free directories which promise you more number of links at reasonable prices. However you have to understand that Google consider only those directories which have strong editorial policies. So, keep this in mind before formulating your link building strategy.
  • If you want to have effective link building to your website, then consider having guest blogging which is one of the best methods of building links. You just have to write an article and look for someone who can publish that in return of two or three backlinks.
  • Remember that syndication is a great technique to get the links, however you need involvement of your marketing team to check if those links are relevant and valuable. This will cost you someone, so beware of the fact that they must be closely associated with your website.
  • You can always rely on social news sites to get good quality links. However if you open an account on social news sites, then it will require you to put a great amount of time and money.

You can also build a community of social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook and once you have the community, you can easily broadcast the messages.

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