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A few years ago, everyone used to say ‘we have a blog’ and that sounded super cool as maintaining blogs during those times was considered as a great activity for both personal and professional purposes. It was a common mentality that when everyone has a blog then why not follow suit and this led to a movement where every person started his or her own blog either to boost the sales of the business or to share the experiences or personal stories. It was observed that some people could not keep alive the blog on site due to lack of time, resources and proper blog management, however others just posted wild content on their blogs to get the attention of the readers. You have to ensure that the blog method adopted by you should benefit your campaign and should not harm your search engine optimization efforts. For that you have to be really careful with your blog content and it is advisable to post keyword rich content as it will draw traffic to your website as these pages will rank well in search engine rankings page.

Your blog should be in connection with the overall keyword theme of your SEO campaign and should bring in enough traffic for your website. If the content of your blog is not engaging and does not contribute towards the inbound link to your website, then it will be of no use. If your blog is getting off the topic, then it will surely not interest the readers and by this your rankings will drastically drop and it will affect your search engine optimization and your online business. You can take help of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to ensure that your blogs are relevant and not going off the track.

You have to ensure that majority of your website content should talk about the keyword theme, because only if your blog talks about the keyword significance, then it might not lead to the desired website results. Make sure your blog talks about most of your site’s content as it will lead to overall keyword relevance. Look for the useful content for your readers. Do not offer them something which is not related to your business as it will affect your search engine rankings. For a successful business, we aim at good amount of incoming links to our website along with other deep links which flow hierarchically to the deeper site pages. If you emphasize more on your blog rather than your main pages, then you might experience your blogs getting more links as compared to your important pages in your website.

If you are getting good amount of links, you also have to ensure that those links should be relevant to your targeted keywords and should not be related to your blog post titles. You should access your goal conversion before choosing blog as a tool to boost your business tools, because ti can have negative impact on your SEO as well.

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