Broken Link Building – A New Link Building Strategy

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To stay updated with new link earning strategies, I came across this interesting concept called 'Broken Link Building'. This strategy is an extension to the normal process of contacting website owners and asking them to provide a link to our site on the basis of relevancy. I will try and explain what needs to be done:

Find out relevant 3rd party websites that are linking to other domains but the link leads to a 404 page. Once we find such a relevant page that links to a 404 page, we need to contact the webmaster and explain to him that you were browsing through the website and found that there is a link leading to a 404 page. Since this link will do no good to your visitors, would you consider linking to this page instead  (Our Page {Tadda!!}). We can further explain that the page is highly relevant and can provide a lot of value to your visitors supposed to leading to a Page Not Found.

If you ask me, this method is a little better that blindly shooting out a mail to random webmasters asking a link back. With this technique you have an edge, you are actually helping out the webmaster to improve his website which in turn can improve the chances of him providing a link back.

So here are a couple of tips on how to get this on the roll:

1.       Find relevant web pages that link using your campaign specific/important keywords

We can use: Keyword + inurl:links

Or Keyword + inurl:resources

                This will help us get websites that have links or resources section related to our keyword

2.       Next, use Xenu to find out if any of the links are broken

3.       Once you find out a link that is broken draft a sleek little e-mail and contact the webmaster and move forward with the above mentioned plan

Couple of other thinks I feel; We can’t always ask for a link to our main pages, pages that usually talk about our products or services. Instead it would be more ideal to ask for a link to a highly relevant and value adding blog post on our on-site blog. The idea is to give a thought and determine the best possible page on our website that would work as a great substitute for the webmasters 404 link page (Only then will this work perfectly). It wouldn’t hurt if you don’t get all the links to you primary pages, getting links to support pages and then optimizing them properly to point to our primary page is always a great option.

Well, here is a great tool that actually does this thing.

Hope you find this useful and  helps you build many quality links!!!


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