Building links in e-commerce website – part 1

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Building links is one of the most important activities of search engine marketing. You must have noticed that in product description pages, it is hard to get good quality links and this is what most of the e-commerce website owners are facing. Have you done the interlinking into your website? Well, then you are doing every possible efforts to improve the visibility of your website. Now you should concentrate on building external links as well in your e-commerce website. The text in your website plays a crucial role in building links, so you should also think about improving your content as part of your SEO plan. The main problem comes with deep links for which the keyword text plays an important role. It is essential to build links in the category pages as it will help you rank your website in a much better manner.

If your product pages have high quality external links, then it will become easier for you to rank your newly launched products as well. As part of your search engine optimization plan, you have to build deep links to your e-commerce website and for that you can follow various ways including:

  • Do you actually think about adding product reviews to your website? Well this is one of the best methods to get deep links to the product category page. Getting links through product reviews is the safest method and it will also help you save big costs on your search engine marketing activities. You can also build your brand and reach out to new customers with the help of product reviews. Remember that every review is not going to give you good results to your website as some of them can prove dangerous for your e-commerce website too. But with some of the good reviews, people will come and automatically link to you. If you think that reviews are improper and not getting links, then ask people to stop reviewing any product.
  • Are you looking for some great deep links for your e-commerce website? Well, in this case, you can seek help of sponsorships. If you are planning to sponsor an event and in turn getting your logo visible, then this is certainly not a good deal for your SEO success. Some marketers find it risky, but for most of them it is another way to build deep links to your website.
  • For building links to your e-commerce website you can also have a guest post on the website. If you are writing some posts from other website, then you will get quality deep links in return and this will definitely help you with your search engine optimization success. You can place the link on the footer instead of placing it in the body of the website.

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