Building links in e-commerce website – part 1

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For your search engine marketing success, you should understand the importance of building links.There should be a focus on finding ways to build deep links for your e-commerce website. Following are some of the ways to build deep links to your e-commerce website -

  • For your SEO benefit, try and put Linkbait on product detail pages. You have a great chance to use PDP as your landing page without actually distracting it too much from the selling aspect. You can get some good links by including a cool product demonstration. When you include the video in your product detail pages. Make sure that you offer free download to the visitors as this will help you get deep links to the e-commerce website. Include the download option for games, ebook or some other application on product detail pages and not on the landing page. In your website, include infographic and the link you will receive from it is going to be beneficial for your search engine marketing.
  • Have you ever thought of providing something extra than your competitors do? Well you must try this as it will help you get better deep links to your website. You have to think about an extra edge which is going to benefit your website at the end of the day. Anyone can describe a product simply in one paragraph but you have to try out something different. Suppose you are selling solar panels, then include a special tab called installation tab in which you can tell people how to install these panels with ease at their homes or any other place. With all this you are surely benefiting your search engine optimization results. A step by step introduction to any product will also be a great idea for your e-commerce website.
  • Introduce interesting gift options and give-aways to get some of the best links for your website. Instead of simply giving away the gift on commenting, you should ask the person to again visit your site and tell one thing which they learnt about that particular product. By doing this, you will ensure that visitors will visit your website again and explore it. This kind of search engine optimization costs almost nothing and will get you great amount of deep links. After receiving feedback from the customers, you can also improve your product description which will further help us accomplish your SEO goals.

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