How to Catch Attention of the User Part1

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Search engine marketing has made simple the marketing process of various businesses. It helps enhance the visibility of the websites in search engine result pages through various processes including search engine optimization, paid inclusions, paid advertisement placements, etc. If a business wants to improve its website rankings in search result pages, then it has to make better its search engine optimization process. However, there is one important thing that has to be done before starting the search engine optimization of the website and that is changing the way the website looks.

Most businesses use good SEO techniques, blinking or scrolling text, flashy ads and bright color schemes to attract visitors, however, their websites fail to catch the attention of the viewers. The probable reasons can be many including poor website design and awful page content. Most people commit the same mistake of providing all the information on the same page, i.e., the home page. This practice ultimately invites more people to leave the web page.

While choosing internet as a marketing medium, companies assign their websites the job of getting more business. At the same time, the website has to provide the users with the information they require. This job has to be done in such a way that it strikes a balance between making money and providing information.  Overloading a page with the information only brings disappointment to the organization because then it only serves the secondary purpose, i.e., providing information. Making money then seems to be a distant dream. In such a situation, even an effective SEO does not help.

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