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The success of your website’s search engine optimization campaign depends largely on the keyword research. But are you confronting some major problems with your keywords? Id so, then something is surely wrong at the keyword research stage which needs to be addressed. You must have heard that keyword research is like a ghost to the webmasters and continue to haunt them.  Are you failing every time with respect to your keyword selection?  Then it means you have committed any of the below mentioned mistakes which can eventually be fatal for your website.

  • The first and the foremost mistake which can be the reason for the search engine marketing campaign’s failure is no keyword research at all. You must be wondering how is it possible; however the fact is that most of the webmasters do not undertake research on regular basis and trust their guts while selecting the keywords. With this kind of effort, results can be worsening as the webmasters will miss the chance to get more organic traffic to the website. If you undertake extensive keyword research, only then you can expect great SEO results from your website. You must be aware that the right keyword can do wonders for your website and to get on to that right keyword, you have to research. From your research only, you would find the most relevant and searched keyphrase for certain section of your website.
  • Are you focusing only on the broad match type keywords? If so, then you need to look beyond as this can be misleading for your website. When you log on to Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you will find ‘broad’ match type as the default setting and generally you continue with this, however you need to think about ‘Exact’ match also for better selection of the keywords. Suppose you want to name your blog about weight loss and you found that the keyword ‘fat lose’ receives great amount of searches per month, but when you change the match type to Exact, you will find that the number of searches will decrease. So be careful with this folks.
  • How do you check the attractiveness of your keywords? Do you only consider its search volume? If so, then you need to look at other important aspect as well which is the keywords being targeted by your competitors. The keywords selected by you should not be the same as of your competitor, other wise the traffic to your website will be affected.
  • If you target a keyword which has less competition and good amount of searches, even then you might not make good money out of it and the reason being it is not profitable. So look for the profitable keywords depending on the intent of the search query.

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