Crucial Elements of a Link-Part1

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In any kind of search engine optimization, HTML links play a crucial role and if the companies want to drive higher SEO profits, then it is essential to know about the basics of the constituents of HTML code. For all the SEO marketers, it is a great way to launch a successful SEO campaign which will earn greater visibility for the website. These elements can easily be understood with the assistance taken from the professional SEO services and will also help the marketers to expand their own knowledge and experience. Even if the marketers are experienced, this may help in building better SEO strategies for the website. In order to streamline the process of search engine optimization, then it is extremely significant to know about HTML links in detail. Links follow a certain structure and if the companies understand this, then there is nothing like it. The opening tag of the link consists of variety of attributes, clickable part that is the content of the link and the anchor tag which are to be comprehended in order to have effective search engine optimization.


The smart and intelligent SEO professionals know about the varieties of parameters in anchor tags. Out of all these parameters, it is important to sieve through the essential and optional ones and this will help in realizing the best out of search engine optimization. Different parameters interest different people like ‘href’, the destination of the link is beneficial to enhance the user experience. If the user clicks on the link, then href is like a URL destination and this makes the things more clear. For better and effective search engine optimization, href can be set as ‘mailto: If the SEO professionals use this feature, then it is important to make clear to the users what the link will offer. The companies need to hire professional SEO services in order to have effective search engine optimization.

Another parameter called ‘rel’ that is the relationship of the linked page to the linked-to-page interests user interface and user experience perspectives. When the URL is set to ‘nofollow’, then SEO professionals need to worry and try to tap the other potential uses of this parameter. Some of the useful features are expanded in HTML5 wherein it includes ‘alternate’ option which is there to look out for print versions and page mirrors. Another relevant feature is ‘previous/next’ which is set to navigate through the page and this makes browsing easier.  Companies must be aware of the elements of HTML links in order to drive more traffic to the website through search engine optimization.

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