Effective Search Marketing Strategy: An Indispensible Part of a Business Organization

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Effective search engine marketing strategy is an intrinsic part of any successful business and in absence of such strategy businesses incur huge losses and often go bankrupt.

A case study of two local furniture stores in Milwaukee, Wisconsin— Porters of Racine and Steinhafles would prove our point.

Porters of Racine, opened in 1857, is going out of business and Steinhafles, on the other hand, is prospering and planning to open new stores.

Let us probe the reason behind the contrasting futures of these two businesses of similar domain.

The Century and a half old store of Porters of Racine overcame the hurdles of the Great Depression and became a highly successful high-end furniture store. In fact, the museum –like Porters of Racine Guild Gallery transcended from being just another furniture store to a destination. Also with successful television campaigns it captured the market of both Milwaukee and Chicago and became a name to reckon with.

Though the owners of the store have insisted that they are going out of business due to a decline in demands of high-end furniture it is not the true picture.  The problem is lack of connect of Porters of Racine with buyers from the younger generation, the failure to migrate to effective search marketing strategy.

The website of the store was poor in design and failed to showcase the strongholds of the store— sale of high-end furniture brands or its reach across Midwest through highly effective television advertising.  it had lower rankings in search results for  queries relative to their business such as “Milwaukee furniture” or “Wisconsin Furniture”. Such is the sorry state of the website that even with reduced query volume the site missed out on 10000 relevant SERP mention opportunities.

The lesson learnt: Failure to rank core terms related to your business is suicidal.

But on the other hand the rival Steinhafles ranks number one for the same search terms. Alongside they have also continued with television advertisements. This is a classic and successful example of balanced multi-channel marketing strategy.

In a content driven world SEO is rapidly becoming a leading marketing strategy. It is, therefore, essential to educate business leaders about the rapid change of scenario, to align marketing budgets with usage and performance of marketing channels and to learn to discuss search marketing issues in terms of business performance and not technology.

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