Faulty Assumptions in Web Analytics Part 2

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Your search engine optimization is a crucial process and if you make some mistakes it, then it will not help you reap higher profits from your SEO efforts. You have to ensure that you are working towards your SEO target with practical knowledge and not the assumptions. If you know about search engine optimization, then you must also know about various assumptions we make in terms of web analytics. Ideally you should do away with all your assumptions because only this can help you come up with strong and effective marketing results. You must be aware of web analytics to know about your audience but if you want to be just perfect with your analytical data, then you are always advised to seek assistance from the web analytics consultancy. You have to think beyond your pre conceived notions because it will help you to strengthen your SEO efforts and get desired results.

You, as an SEO expert must be of the view that high volume keywords are the most important ones and should be part of your search engine optimization plan; however this is not the case. Your marketing efforts will only be rewarded only when you know clearly about the processes and if you think that only high volume keywords should be sued with little modifications, then you need to revise your thoughts. If you keep focusing on high volume keywords, then on the other hand you are missing out the opportunity to fine tune your search engine optimization process and your conversion efforts. If you take help from a web analytics consultancy, then you will know that you need to scan all the possible keywords before starting off your SEO plans. You might come across certain keywords which are low-traffic keywords but have a high conversion rate.

If you simply look at a visit in which the conversion occurred, then you are on the track to make some poor decisions. By doing this, you are ignoring the second conversion through which the third visit was triggered off. If you do not look beyond the last click, then you are actually devaluing the importance of previous clicks and this will affect your search engine optimization of the website. If you still have this problem, then you should approach some web analytics consultancy which will help you make some profitable decisions. Before you start implementing your SEO plan, you should look at the all possibilities and not just the assumptions that you already have in your mind because it may have a negative impact on your search engine optimization of the website.

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