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Are you new to the SEO world? Then you have to understand the nuances of this medium which will better your search engine marketing efforts. You have to understand that duplicate content is perilous for your website and you become liable to get penalized for the same as well. If you have large amount of copied content on your website, then Google will automatically spam you and this will definitely affect your rankings and the conversion rate. Duplicate content means that you are virtually thrown out of the search engines and this will affect your search engine optimization efforts. If you want to get good amount of traffic to your website, then you have to deliver unique, fresh and relevant content to the end users. It is not created by you, it is lifted from some other websites, then you will surely face the Google’s brunt on this.

If you are picking up the content from some other source, then it won’t rank well on Google because the same content has already been crawled by the search engine. You have to understand that when the same content is already there on search engines, then how it will benefit you and your SEO goals. Are you creating different versions of the same article? This kind of content will have a negative impact on your search engine marketing as Google will send back the content to you as it can find out some correlation between yours and already existing content. It is your duty to figure out the duplicate content in your website and for that you can make use of copyscape. The highlighted areas in this copyscape will be the duplicate content.

If you type in copyscape, then you can see the original pages from where the content has been lifted. After you have discovered copied content from your website, then you can try and send an e-mail to the webmaster asking him to take note of it.

Fixing the problem of duplicate content within the website can be quite simple.  For this, start with locating .htaccess file and you can also fix problem with other duplicate pages by using rel=canonical tag. Your search engine optimization efforts may lead to better results, once you use these techniques.

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