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Often, a search engine optimization firm or a search engine optimization company looks out for new ideas and topics for posting on the website in order to improve search engine rankings. People spend long hours thinking over what could be the right topic for new posts. Well, it is not always that you have to give all your efforts in order to find new ideas for fresh content. If you observe carefully, they are right there, in front of you! All you have to do is go through your existing content that has been published already and look out for novel ideas. If you are not sure how to find such ideas, take the help of Google Analytics. While using Google Analytics, navigate to the ‘Top Content’ section. Once you have the list of top content links, go to ‘Entrance Keywords’ after clicking on each link. This will give a list of different words referring people to the page, which are also the top keywords of each page. These words give you a description of the posted content along with some unexpected referrals. These search referrals are extremely useful for new ideas of articles. Being an SEO company you can make the most of these search referrals and improve search engine rankings. By targeting articles on these words and linking them to you top links, you can serve all the purposes that a SEO services aim at.

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