Google Adsense and Video Optimization Through YouTube

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Ever since its inception YouTube has taken the world of video optimization by storm. On an average, 16 billion videos are watched in a single month on YouTube, hence making it a potent tool for video optimization. Recently Google AdSense joined up with YouTube to promote YouTube promoted Videos which boosted search engine optimization. Even without this tie-up, YouTube videos would actually show up on the organic Google search, but this is definitely icing on the cake.

Video optimization

However these videos are not the same as the YouTube videos and will be appearing in a regular AdSense ad format and not as image ads.

A YouTube video that has been optimized can outrank sites such as Amazon and eBay. Video optimization is still in its nascent form and is every SEO marketer’s dream tool.

Keep the videos precise and short

For the best video optimization whether on AdSense or on the YouTube, the formula is to keep the videos short, sweet and to the point.

Clean, crisp and clear videos get the highest rankings and get the best optimized results and move up the video rankings to give maximum advantage for any SEO investment made.

Get the maximum video optimization

As search engines cannot read videos it is important to write video specific text for getting maximum video optimization. For this one has to ensure that the keywords related to the video appear in the title, description and tags of the video.

More precise the text, the higher are the chances of the video being optimized in the search engine optimization results. Use original titles and descriptions .The more the originality, the better the chances of the video getting high SEO rankings. Most of the promoted video will be featuring movie trailers, product demos and other videos that will be promoted by AdSense so as to reach a wider audience.

Each YouTube promoted video will be having three or four lines of text along with a thumbnail image which when clicked by user will bring them to YouTube to watch a video or view a YouTube channel.

Promoted videos will be auctioned just like AdSense’s other ads and the highest bidder will get the chance to run his promoted video through Google AdSense. These video optimized ads will compete in AdSense’s standard auction and only those who win the auction for their promoted videos will appear through Google AdSense.

For AdSense it is an additional opportunity to promote videos and also earn AdSense revenues. All the videos that are run on AdSense are done so on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and are contextually targeted to the websites’ content. It is a great way to get high SEO rankings and attract wider audience. This ensures better search engine marketing.

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