Google Presents New Contextual Links for Showing More Results

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One of the latest developments in Google organic search has been the way they now use the feature ‘show more results from’. Google has removed the HTML link to a specific site command feature. Unlike before, Google now dynamically opens up multiple other results on the same organic search engine results page. Additional results, enabled by the AJAX driven plus sign are displayed along with the results from the web. This has brought a new dimension to the search engine optimization and the field of seo optimization.
Once clicked, the plus sign opens up in the form of five new links, and turns into a minus sign. This feature has turned out to be very effective in terms of google organic search as well. You can hide these additional links by clicking on the minus sign which will turn back to plus sign. The links that open up on the click of the plus sign are all contextual to the main search topic. This feature allows Google to accommodate multiple contextual search results within the same organic search results page and also makes it easier for the user to decide and access the additional results. We are yet to see if this is helpful to improve search engine rankings or affects the traffic of a website from an SEO perspective.

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