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It seems Google’s testing its SERPs with some changes to the Organic and Paid Search Listings. Within Organic Search, the Destination URL directly appears below the Search Result Title. On Paid Ads, Google has begun placing the domain name alongside the headline on some Top Placement Ads to indicate to the User as to which domain they will may land on.

Organic Search Results with URL immediately below the Title-

Search Engine Results Page Layout

Previously, the URL was placed under the Description Snippet on the SERPs. These changes are still being tested and have not met with a complete rollout.

Paid Results with the Domain name as part of the Headline

Paid Search Results

Reviews from Webmaster world forums suggests mixed reactions to this change. Some like it, some don’t. Personally, I don’t think moving the URL up in the Organic listings is going to make much of a difference. A preferred addition to the Organic SERPs would have been the Domain Name to the Title.

However, these changes might just be the tip of the iceberg as far as the display changes to the Google SERPs go, with word floating around of a complete overhaul of the results page with the following changes based on recent sightings –

  • Spacing out of results with horizontal lines separating two adjacent results
  • Changes to the color and boldness of listings
  • No underlining of the title

Shown below is the new layout of the Organic Listings that Google has also been testing lately-

Twitter Search Result

I feel that the above layout gives Google the flexibility to integrate loads of support information to each listing (Places listing, Instant Previews, +1 button etc) that it believes will help the user make an informed decision.

Let’s wait and watch.

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