Speak; Don’t Type: Say Hello to Google Voice Search!

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Although Google Search commands about 65% of the US search market, it definitely hasn’t become complacent! In its recent slew of improvements to its search engines the one that stood out the most was the “Google Voice” feature. While it may seem like a simple task of bringing existing mobile technology to the web browser, it is certainly much more than just that. Get ready for louder work spaces and really annoying colleagues trying to get Google to “hear” their search query!

This feature is rather useful to search for terms that are hard to spell. For e.g. “Weather in Saskatchewan” can easily be searched without having to spend a few minutes contemplating the spelling. Although, we wonder what would happen if you have a weird accent? Has Google accounted for several pronunciations of the same word?

Google Voice Search will undoubtedly be of ideal help to users who have their hands full and are unable to type. Looking for a particular recipe tip in the middle of cooking? Just tell Google what you need and the site will search it for you.

Another feature that Google introduced along with Voice Search is the ability to search by images. How often have we gotten stuck with a particular image that looks familiar but we don’t know exactly what it is? With the Image search feature users can paste an image URL or upload one from their computer and search for it.

Image Search Google

It is a known fact that as the search process becomes faster, the overall number of search’s increase. The search engine giant builds up on its previously released “Google Instant” feature and provides “Instant Pages” that provides result pages based on the speculated pages that a user might click. Bringing desired results instantly and accurately to the user seems to be the motto that Google lives by. It won’t be long before Google starts searching based on a users thoughts!

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