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If you want to improve the ranking of your website, then all you need to do is trust Google because now Google will offer you a bundle of search results which will help you get more users to your website. Since this search engine is known for its innovation and user friendly interface, therefore this time it has added brand stacking or domain stacking as its new algorithm. If your user searches for some keyphrase, then now he can have a look at a stack of results which will help him get better answers to the search queries. When you get stacked results for any kind of query, you have a chance to get more refined results. Offering five or six search results to your users will help you get higher ranks in the list of search engines which will further enhance the visibility of your website. In order to survive in the cyber world, it is important for you to have a great online reputation and brand stacking algorithm by Google helps you with reputation management.

If you are offering stacked results for your own brand, then it will avoid showing up of negative consumer review in the top ten search results and this would not affect your online image or reputation. So, if you have some negative reviews about your company online, you can always get over that with this new algorithm by Google called brand stacking or domain stacking. So, if you want the stack up results to go in your favor, then you have to keep certain pointers in your mind

  • You have to understand that domains which have higher authority will get stacked up fast and first and for this you need to have unique inlinking domains to your website. All you need to focus on is the number of unique inlinking domains and not just the bulk of links. For your search engine marketing and the desire to get higher ranks, you must get the links which can be stacked easily by Google.
  • Make sure that you are linking within your website only and for that you can get to know about the top 10-20 pages of your website through inurl operator.
  • To get higher ranks through stacked search results, try and optimize on your brand name and include it at the end of every title tag of the page. Your logo must feature your brand name.
  • Along with your brand name, include certain relevant keywords to get stacked results through Google. Your user will have a better chance to get more and detailed answers to their queries.
  • Remember that you should not rely completely on brand-only stacked results because if you have a brand name then your chance of getting stacked results is reduced to some extent.

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