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There has been a lot of discussion on what determines if your site is displayed in the “pages from a region” result page of Google. i.e. – what determines if a site will show up in the “pages from UK” or “pages from India” Google results?

While we’ve been pretty sure that your site qualifies for listing under this section only if your site pages are hosted in a particular country, we’ve noticed that there is still a lot of discussion going on with people speculating whether other sources determine listing.

Another question that I am frequently asked is whether a .com domain can rank on a regional Google result i.e. – A result page on or There had been an issue about ranking a .com in a regional Google result page, but I believe that that has been sorted out in January this year. A major factor that determines if your site ranks high on or is your WhoIS data and not the .com or or extension of your domain.

Anyways, since there is still a lot of noise out there with a lot of people speculating, we have now decided to go out there and run a comprehensive test to determine the major factors that dictate if your site will appear higher on a regional search result page and if a site will show up in the country specific page results. Stay tuned for more…

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