How Google Instant can impact the E-Commerce site owners?

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Of late, Google has launched its new search feature called Google Instant which will refine the search queries made by the user. Most of us feel that this would kill the original king, SEO, however it is not so, because it is a refined form of search only. With the introduction of this new fundamental of search, the e-commerce site owners need to be extra careful as now they have to monitor their advertising campaigns for the changes in the user behavior. Apart from change in the user behavior, you will also experience change in your search terms and click patterns. If you look at the older Google, you will see that that the user used to type the entire phrase before hitting it for the results and then the user used to select the closer match for that phrase by scrolling down to lower pages.

Now this kind of search can pose a great threat to the e-commerce site owners and to the ones who run their own search engine optimization business. By this, only those who are sitting at the top will be benefited as now search is more refined which is expected to benefit only the large businesses. You will experience that only few top results will get all the attention and other e-commerce sites which are located at lower position will totally be out of sight for the users. In Google Instant, user will type few character and then wait for the results, then again type few more characters and wait for more results which is refined than the previous one. Your e-commerce business or any other small business is likely to get affected by it as user’s attention will be concentrated on few top results only.

You will now experience personalization and localization of the search results through Google Instant; however this will affect the visibility of small e-commerce sites. With this, the experience of searching and user behavior will also change and it will have great impact on your e-commerce search engine marketing. As marketing expert, you have to look out for various changes so that your e-commerce business is not threatened by the Google Instant. Some of the organic changes which can be introduced include

  • You have to undertake keyword research wherein you have to start typing the phras and look for the position of your business
  • You have to focus on more general phrases rather than the specific ones because in Google Instant will definitely focus on general keywords.
  • You have to carefully examine the suggestions made by Google and look out for new opportunities

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