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Your process of search engine marketing is incomplete if you do not consider the important factor of usability. As a website owner you should understand that whatever content you create it must cater to the need of audience, only then it will benefit your visitors and hence search engine optimization. Your SEO practices and usability factor work in complete harmony with each other and if you ignore the usability factor, then your idea of launching social media marketing campaign also goes in vain. You have to understand the changing behavior of your audience and their growing needs in order to modify your search engine optimization strategies. If you incorporate the following tips in your SEO plan, then your successful search engine marketing is ensured;

  • SEO and User Optimization- While designing your website, you have to focus on your users because this will help you in streamlining your search engine marketing. If you understand the nuances of good representation of your website on search engines, then you can ensure good usability from the audience end. You must well optimize your website so that your audience finds it useful and relevant to its needs.
  • Web Usability – When designing your website for search engine marketing, you should also focus on the fact that your audience can only comprehend easy and quick information. If you want to enhance your social media marketing also, even then your emphasis should be to offer quick responses to all your users. Your website should be as interactive as possible because the users to your website should not switch to some other website due to navigation issues.
  • Usability Testing- Your website’s success lies in successful search engine marketing and if you want to analyze the usability factor, then you should conduct usability testing for your effective SEO. You might find it time consuming but if you have spent good amount in website development, then it is beneficial for you to invest in testing also.
  • Web Accessibility and SEO – Your understanding of the web accessibility feature is extremely important for your social media marketing. If you want to ensure usability factor, then your SEO success depends on an interesting feature of making your information available to the disabled also. If you target disabled class, then your search engine marketing will be a great success and your website will attract more traffic. You will also ensure better user experience by making use of web accessibility.

So, if you are looking forward to make your search engine optimization and social media marketing profitable and relevant, then your understanding of the above mentioned tips will lead you to higher position in search engine ranking.

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  1. I work with a usability company that is still bombarded with business from people who have launched products then realized they should try and figure out their usability problems. *Then* (after this!) they want to figure out why they can’t get listed in search engines. While I know that everyone is on a budget, the fact is that these two processes usually require a re-examination and revision of the site architecture. So they should have been in the mix at the planning and building stage, and companies end up spending a lot more than they would have, had they asked for help right from the beginning.

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