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It is seen sometimes that a site is seen in the top 10 sites on the organic search engine results yet it is actually not such a strong site and has lack of good content, weak back links and is low on search engine optimization. How does this come about? It is not mere coincidence ; there is a good theoretical explanation and many SEO marketers call it the theory of Blended Search.

Blended Search

In order to give any searcher a wider meaning and a greater choice about what the user is searching organic search results page uses a technique of blending various listings from a cluster of meanings. This means that the scope of the search is widened by the search engine, in order to improve organic search engine results. Also it means that all possible combinations of the search can be seen by the user. This is a boon on one hand and can also be annoying to someone searching for something very specific.

Now this blending is done by the search engine in three different ways:

Way 1- In this the search engine optimizes the search by forcing new results to the existing organic search results page

Way2- In this method the search engine mixes navigational pages with informational pages and gives a search engine optimized result.

Way3- The third way is to add some pages with the abbreviations or synonyms of the keywords that the user is looking for.

This blending technique results in throwing up amazing results in the organic search. If webmasters are not aware of this blending technique then they cannot answer the question – How do weak sites get high SEO rankings?

Well sometimes a result is forced by Google onto the first page although it is may have been taken from another more diverse keyword cluster and logically it would not have got such high SEO rankings.

Such additions are possible because

  • search results can be blended with other different clusters of keywords and get high SEO rankings;
  • Every search phrase is associated with clusters of other web pages each having several other search engine optimization keywords and phrases.
  • Each one of these clusters also includes some other phrase, in addition to the requested keywords.

A very common example is when a person is looking for a celebrity, then the top 10 pages would be the ones containing the name of the celebrity and along with it there will be some pages that crop up in the organic search engine results which the same name would be mentioned but not of the celebrity, this is because of the SEO blending technique of Google.

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  2. I dont normally comment on blogs i read. But ill make an exception on this one. Brilliant information. Thanks alof for sharing.

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