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If you want your search engine optimization to reap higher profits for your website, then you have to focus on image SEO which is a great deal to invite search engine to your website for quick crawling. Another important thing, you should keep in mind is to include inbound links to your website which may not be necessarily linked to the image URL but somehow use it for search engine optimization. As an SEO expert, you have to take care of various other aspects of search engine optimization including the anchor text to the image and where these links come from. You have to understand that all this information is crucial for image SEO rather than the general SEO. While working on image search engine optimization, it is important for you to take into consideration human categorization which means taking the help of human to label that image in the most effective manner.

Earlier Google used to have this as a game and when answered right, people used to win that contest which also included mentioning the label name for that particular image for search engine optimization. Now you can label your images through Google Image Labeler, however it would ask you to suggest suitable words for that image which can make it highly optimized. Through your suggestion, Google will then start training its own software to understand the shape and idea suitable for that particular image which has been included to strengthen your search engine optimization.

For your effective image SEO, you can consider various other tools which will surely offer great search engine marketing success to the company. While optimizing images for your website, you should have OCR which stands for optical character recognition. Through this software you can actually recognize the character or actual text which can be used to enhance the search engine optimization process. Google cannot use every image on the internet and with OCR as it would turn out to be a costly affair. As an SEO expert, you have to look out for one particular color within that image which is helpful to you while designing your website. Make sure that the color of an image goes well with the overall color combination of your website and only then your image SEO can be successful as compared to the general text SEO. If you are using oversized image, then it will not be indexed, hence it will not contribute to the image SEO of your website. You have to ensure that images use by you in your website, should get crawled over by the search engines and only then it will make your SEO efforts successful.

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