Importance of Google Webmaster Central-Part 1

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Making use of new SEO tools is a great way to ensure a successful search engine optimization campaign. Especially for the new entrants, learning new SEO techniques can be of great help in order to build a successful website. SEO professionals should always be open to the new changes in the field of search engine optimization so as to work for a better business. If the companies master Google Webmaster Central, then the whole process of search engine optimization will be streamlined with this one of the best SEO services. This important SEO tool offered by Google is surely going to benefit the companies in enhancing the user experience along with reaping higher returns from the process of search engine optimization. Google has always been a great support for all the companies who are interested in launching effective SEO campaigns and this time also this new and innovative tool is going to take the practice of search engine optimization to an altogether different height.

The first and the foremost thing to master Google Webmaster Central is to verify the website. The companies can easily undertake this verification process through HTML file or a meta tag and can get the search engine optimization process going. While doing this, companies might notice that each subdomain is treated separately and with the help of SEO services, this verification can be done easily and accurately. Once the verification procedure is over, the companies will have enough information on keywords, links, popular searches and other significant factors. As part of SEO plan, companies must take advantage of the following features.

  • Crawl error reports – Crawl error reports can be extremely useful for the companies in strengthening the process of search engine optimization. Through this report, companies can identify and locate all the highly-linked web pages that have been abandoned.
  • Robots.txt testing tool – It is important to ensure that through search engine optimization plan, access to certain pages is not denied otherwise it will have affect on the user experience.
  • XML sitemaps – The Google Webmaster Central tool will help the SEO professionals build sitemaps which is beneficial for search engine optimization. Companies should break the sitemaps into various categories like images, product-level pages, category-level pages, video, mobile site and others. This categorization can be helpful for trouble shooting in the future.
  • Internal and external link reports – If the companies understand the link structure of the website, then it becomes easier to leverage search engine optimization. Firefox SEO Link Analysis Plug-in can be of great help in checking for page rank and other missing links.

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