Importance of Google Webmaster Central-Part 2

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Search engine optimization can be enhanced through Google Webmaster Central and apart from taking advantage of crawl error reports, XML sitemaps, robot.txt testing tool and internal and external link report, companies can also target users geographically for the international sites and this will further strengthen the SEO.  If the company’s website includes a number of country pages or when a site wants traffic from a particular country only, then this becomes the biggest advantage for the process of search engine optimization. This new Google tool is widely used by the companies in order to get higher profits from search engine optimization process. Apart from verifying the website, it is also essential to verify the subdomains. Companies can take help of best SEO services to add URL to the list of websites and by doing this companies can identify the people linking with the company’s website.

Mastering Google Webmaster Central is essential for the companies in order to strengthen the process of search engine optimization. This time Google has come up with some new features which are going to assist the SEO operations of the company and this will also help generate more traffic to the website. Following are some of the new features of Google Webmaster Central which can be used by the companies to improve the SEO performance.

  • Parameters handling tool – If the companies are facing problem with the duplicate content, then this tool is surely going to help in getting rid of it. This tool will strengthen the process of search engine optimization and if companies have tracking IDs in the URL that can be included as a parameter for Google.
  • Change of address tool – The plan to move the domains can now be done smoothly through this tool. This will allow the companies to inform about the changed domains which is crucial for the success of search engine optimization.
  • Malware – Through Google Webmaster Central, it can easily identify if the site contains malware. After identifying, Google will warn the users about the website.
  • Page loading speed – the new page loading tool will allow the companies to know the actual loading time of the website. This information will help the companies modify various SEO strategies by availing of expert SEO services.

While launching SEO campaign, it is essential to sign up for all the three search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Companies can gain a lot of SEO benefits by regularly checking in for the latest developments in the area. Look out for the new tool in order to enhance search engine optimization.

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