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What can be done to improve real-time search?

Twitter data can help drastically improve the real-time search and search engine optimization process. Standing on the social media optimization ground, Twitter is among the few web publishing forums that help in sharing links within seconds of the outbreak of the story. With just a click of the mouse, it helps people to share their content with everyone instantaneously making the social media optimization process user friendly.

SEO critics may argue that the process will create spam re-tweets, frittering away the search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts of the SEO professionals. Several publishers have automated accounts that re-tweet by default and if a person tries to manipulate it, he fails. The question that arises here is would the value of a re-tweet be completely invalidated with such activities? The answer is ‘not really’.

The Power of Twitter

In the arena of search engine optimization, one may not find equal links in traditional searches and on the re-tweets too. This principle is essential in understanding and developing powerful and authoritative Twitter users. After the authority has been set, spam re-tweets will get less weightage than their influential counterparts.

Mentioned below are some points that could be beneficial in developing a list of authoritative users:

Number of Followers

To determine the number, it is important to know the user’s area of influence, i.e., to know if the user is read by 10 or is read by 10,000. Though the data is useful, it is inadequate as these numbers are inflated by the reflections of “if you follow me, I’ll follow you” approach of people.

Following : Follower Ratio

It has been noticed that most tweeters’ following – to – follower ratio varies drastically. Some of the very influential users may follow less than, say, 1000 accounts but can have more than 1 million followers. On the other hand, some unreliable users may follow several hundred people but may not be followed by the same number.

Number of actual or original tweets

While creating SEO ranking for news publications, the Google News algorithm measures the productivity and credibility of the news source and also calculates the ratio of original to AP content. This factor can be used to determine the authority of power users.

Link Aggregation data

While linking data, one has to make sure that they are linked out to high authority sites only and not those which are spam.

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