Is Negative SEO taking a Toll on your Website?

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There is no denying that practice of negative SEO is quite apparent and doing more harm to the search engine optimization circle than good. The topic has been gathering a lot of steam after Google rolled out ‘Penguin update’ to its algorithm last week, a tweak aimed at catching web-spammers and bringing down black hat SEO tactics. And while such policing on Google’s part is a welcome measure, SEOs have come to realize more strongly the need to safeguard their domains and make it resistant to the onslaught of black hat SEO tactics.In essence, negative SEO is everything ideal SEO is not. While the latter looks to boost a website’s visibility in SEPRs, negative SEO is aimed at bringing down a website’s ranking by the injecting malicious things on to a website. This practice is common when a website works in a highly competitive quarter and everyone is crusading against each other to take the spots on top of the SERPs. The weapon of choice could be anything from injecting malware, viruses and spammy links to undertaking Google bowling, Adsense banning and even tattling to search engines about copyright infringement. Creating nasty links to a website and spam reporting are one of the most commonly undertaken activities within the bracket of negative SEO strategy, whether it is by a competitor or another webmaster. Whatever the choice of assault, there exists grey hat/black hat SEO tactics that are solely meant for the purposes of bringing you, the competition, down in the slyest ways possible.

Although search engine optimization ergonomics supports a thriving level playing field, some find the need to take down competition instead of making better their own turfs. Whether it is out of insecurity of being put up against big players or merely out of lack of confidence in one’s website capabilities, negative SEO, as much as it is looked down upon, is prevailing blatantly and all anyone can do is to erect a more stronger and competent website immune system that can keep at bay the onslaught of damaging SEO tactics.

For starters, a website should make firm the basics of good search engine optimization: good content, strong website design, attention to website usability and user-experience, and clean link profile. With Google now shunning ‘over-optimized’ and ‘over SEO-ed’ websites, the need of the hour is to deliver ‘value’ to users instead of stirring a vortex over-optimized efforts. Search engines like Google are readying the playing field to those who are actually offering great content, even if it’s sans great SEO techniques. It’s time web publishers looked beyond the cocooned safety of SEO – good and bad – to deliver more than just top results.

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