Is SEM Still Equal To The Sum Of SEO and CPC Pt1

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Search engine marketing decides the fate of any website; hence it becomes extremely important to understand the nuances of this process. If the SEO marketers are confused about this, then it might affect the company in terms of poor results from search engine optimization. In order to get higher returns from all the marketing efforts, it is crucial to know the difference between search engine marketing and pay per click marketing. The confusion over SEO and PPC operations being the same thing can create a lot of problem in the functioning of PPC campaign management and search engine marketing plan. Earlier the equation was different, search engine marketing was equal to the sum of search engine optimization and pay per click method of advertising and now with the changing times, marketers must review the way of comprehending such important factors. Still most of the marketers are not clear with the concept of search engine marketing and PPC campaign management which is a great hurdle in the website’s success.

In order to get the maximum profits from search engine marketing efforts; it is important to understand the core concepts and the types of listings. There are two types of listings such as organic or natural listings and paid search or PPC listings.  Organic listings are the one where listings appear without any kind of payment involved. These editorial or natural listings are the core job of search engines which further enhances the process of search engine marketing. If the marketers understand the difference between search engine marketing and PPC campaign management, then it becomes easy to streamline the website. Another kind of listing that strengthens the process of pay per click campaign is paid search or PPC listings. If the marketer is good at SEO, then he must be aware of paid search ads that also appear on search engines for which advertisers have to pay. The payment for PPC ads is done on the basis of cost per click and pay per click and the ads get listed only when advertisers pay for them.

When the advertiser stops paying, listing also stops the same moment and this badly affects the PPC campaign management of the website. If the marketers do not understand the nuances of search engine optimization and PPC method, then it will be difficult to implement right strategies for better outcome. The pay per click ads are listed separate from the content of that webpage and usually do not influence the content. In order to get great results from search engine optimization, it is essential for the marketers to understand the types of listings in the search engines.

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  1. This is a fundamental thing that most people misunderstand. Great job in breaking it down to make it easier to comprehend. I wish I read this a long time ago.

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