Is SEM Still Equal To The Sum Of SEO and CPC Pt3

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The Rise and Fall of PPC Search

The history of search engine marketing dates back to 1994 when the whole system of organic listings began. For every marketer, it is important to know the rise and fall and then again rise of pay per click search and this will help them reap greater benefits from different marketing activities. If the companies understand how search engine marketing was absorbed into PPC method, then it will be easy to chalk out effective strategies which will also streamline the process of PPC campaign management and SEO. The concept of pay per click search appeared and then disappeared soon and at that time only one search engine used to offer this facility to buy paid search advertisements. The pay per click ads were properly labeled, however this preferred listing service did not succeed and this is the real reason behind the not so famous PPC method for a long time. Google still takes the credit for pioneering paid search after a great comeback of the PPC method in 1998. Looking at the success of paid search along with search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Google launched AdWords in 2000 which emerged as a great success.

SEOs are not the same with Paid Search

Now many marketers have started mixing SEO with paid search in order to get additional listing. This acceptance of PPC method into search engine marketing raised many questions like whether the marketers are doing the best job with search engine optimization or not. Search engine optimization is a term that is most suited for crawler based search engines. With the changing trends, directories and pay per click search is now a part of search engine optimization. It has been observed that though search engine optimization is not done for all the venues, however it can always influence the listings procedure.

Search engine marketing is a term that consists of optimizing for the crawlers, managing pay per click listings and submitting the listings to the directories. Many such activities are marketed on search engines which help the marketers enjoy maximum profits from each marketing activity including search engine optimization, PPC campaign management and search engine marketing. The complete knowledge about different marketing activities is critical to the successful implementation of SEO and PPC campaigns. If the marketers mix the concept of search engine marketing and pay per click marketing, then it might pose a threat to the existence of the website in the cyber space.

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