Keyword Diversity Instead of Keyword Density in SEO

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With time, the importance of keyword density has been losing its importance in terms of search engine rankings. The new improved search engines are intelligent enough to detect keyword stuffing within the content. The new algorithms can easily detect whether the content has been stuffed with keywords repeatedly to allure the search engines. Therefore, today, you no longer have to rely on keyword density to secure higher search engine rankings but focus on other important aspects such as unique Title tag, unique Meta description, simple and good content, etc. to improve search engine rankings.
The primary aim of all search engine optimization or SEO Services is to implement various techniques and get good rankings by the search engine and attract more traffic to increase revenue. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, you need to show the search engines that your site has good, simple and relevant content. The right words placed in the right context within a natural flow is what is mostly appreciated by the search engines.
The composition of good content requires inclusion of a wide range of terms related to the main topic of discussion. This style of writing is known as keyword diversity. Keyword diversity is more desirable than keyword density. Instead of finding the same keywords repeatedly, the presence of other related words will also help the page in getting noticed for the search terms on a broader topic.

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