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Keywords selection is one of the first steps in implementing a search engine optimization strategy. You have to be very careful with your keywords, it goes without saying that if you optimize wrong keywords, your overall marketing campaign will be worthless. Know about the best practices while selecting the right keywords which will help you make a right decision. Keyword selection is considered as the complicated procedure due to the diversity of factors. The keywords selected by you for your site may work for it today, however it may not deliver the relevant results in the future. For the continuous success of the campaign, services of the experts can be hired and these companies will also facilitate your understanding of the process. The three important points you have to bear in mind with the keyword selection are

  • Keyword selection Process

- In keyword selection process you have to first come up with a list of relevant keywords deoending on the type and nature of your business.

- Include some long tail keywords as the users these days search with longer phrases.

- You can also be strategic by changing the word order or using alternative spellings.

  • Tools to assist in keyword selection

If you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed with your keyword selection, then just don’t worry because now you have plenty of free and low cost tool which will assist you in keyword development stage

  • Keyword placement strategy

After getting help from the keyword selection tool, now you have a final list of keywords. When you have that list, you should know the order to place those keywords so that higher ranks could be achieved. Below mentioned list will tell you about the order of preference for placing the keywords.

  • Title Meta Tags (not more than 60 characters)
  • Anchor Text (incoming and internal)
  • Header Tag Content (i..e H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)
  • Title Tag in Anchor Tags
  • Bold/Italic Tag Content
  • Body Text on top, middle and bottom of page
  • Alt Tags in Pictures that are Links
  • URL/Filenames
  • Meta Keyword Description
  • Alt Tags in Pictures that are not Links

If you have the expert’s advice in hand, you can always launch a successful SEO campaign as these professionals will help you get out with the most relevant list of keywords along with its placement. You do not have to risk with your keywords because it can prove fatal for your business. Don’t consider keyword selection process as a complicated thing because all it needs is a professional advice and the right knowledge about the keywords.

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