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Have you ever come across a situation where you have missed out on some of the basic rules of search engine optimization? If that’s the case, then you should always think of getting your SEO basics clear. In today’s highly competitive world, you cannot afford to miss out on the search engine marketing techniques because only right knowledge will help you achieve greater success. You have to revise your SEO basics often so that you can know about the latest in this industry and how overlooking them can prove perilous for your website. If you are not aware of the basics of search engine marketing then you can lose on the search engine rankings which are otherwise extremely important to enhance the visibility of your website. Following are some of the on-page search engine optimization tips which can help you come up with a better website.
• It is important for you to understand that title tag is one of the most important SEO factors and if it is not done properly, then it will further affect your search engine marketing. The title of the page has to be clickable so as to get in the eyes of search engines and for this the placement of the title also plays a crucial role. It has been observed that most of the websites are not happy with their title tags and this can also make your website suffer with search engine optimization. You can add strategic words in the title tag to make it catch attention of the search engines.
• Focus on the Meta keywords and Meta descriptions tags to ensure profitable search engine marketing. As part of your SEO plan, you can make a smart use of Meta tags by including some more information in them about your business. Make sure that the description of your Meta descriptions is not more than 200 characters.
• If you italicsize certain important elements of the website, then it will help you score well with your SEO activities. If you bold certain text of the content, then it will help you highlight it and make your content stand out.
• In your website, every page should have a H1 tag. H1 tag is like the headlines of a newspaper which has to be descriptive. For your SEO benefit, it is important for you to ensure that there is no keyword stuffing.
• In your search engine marketing plan, you have to lay emphasis on the anchor text as it will help in deciding the search engine rankings.
• Do not forget to take alt tags into consideration as they play a crucial role in search engine optimization.

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  1. Sorry guys meta keywords don’t matter at all for Google or Bing (or Yahoo) and Google doesn’t use the meta description as a ranking factor either. H1 tags are also not as important as they once were.

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