Landing Page Design Is Not Formulaic Part 3

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If you want to tap the global search market through your search engine marketing plan, then it is important for you to grab the people’s attention towards your website. Your landing page is the main page of your website which can help hold the audience to your website for a longer time. If you go by a well known proverb ‘picture is worth a thousand word’, then you must include images in your search engine optimization plan because landing page with images will prove to be right move for you. Through the use of pictures in your landing pages, you can influence the audience and this is where you will score over others in the field of search engine marketing. Your SEO team can seek help of usability consultancy so that you can understand the importance of images for your landing page. Ideally, pictures grab more attention than the text, so you should focus on the inclusion of images in your search engine marketing plan.

If you are of the opinion that you will have only limited number of images to select from, then you need to know that you do not have to re-use the images because you can take images from some of the good websites including and You can easily form an emotional connect with your target audience by editing these images and this will help you strengthen your search engine marketing. For your SEO benefit, you should add more images to your landing page instead of the text because by doing so, you can get more traffic to your website.

You can easily create a compelling landing page with the help of millions of images and you can use your designing abilities to build an effective SEO.  As a search engine optimization professional, you can edit the images in order to improve the performance of your landing page. You can take help of usability consultancy in order to get the desired design for your landing page which will further strengthen your search engine marketing. If you do not want to use images from any website, then you can also use your own clicked photographs and all this gives you a great designing power. Once you are done with the image selection, then you can easily design your landing page which will appear as a simple task for you.

If you seek assistance of the usability consultancy, then you can utilize your designing skill in a much better manner. Through this freedom to make image choice, you can create an effective landing page which can strengthen your search engine marketing.

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